About Kirk

When I graduated from college in 1978, I wanted to write fiction, but it took decades longer than I had imagined to write and sell a first novel. Looking back, I was probably lucky to be in the working world as long as I was, instead of alone in an office writing. I helped raise two daughters and learned a whole lot more about life first.

This morning I’m in my office in Berkeley ready to start a new novel, one that will require wandering parts of the American West, which I very much look forward to. It’s also the first day of “shelter in place” here in the Bay Area to help slow the spread of coronavirus. It’s a morning after a rain with a mix of sunlight and clouds and a garden blooming with spring. It’s a little cold in my office but I’ve got good coffee.

I’ve been thinking about this new novel for a while and where it starts, hundreds of miles from here on a June morning. Somehow the end has to be in the beginning, but it always does. It feels as if we’re moving into different times. That wants to be in this story. I know what I’m aiming for and how it should feel but enough said. I’ll get started.

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