Wolf Tracks


As a long undercover assignment ends, Special Agent Mark McCabe of the US Fish and Wildlife Service learns that the bullet-riddled, bloodstained SUV found in the Mount Shasta Wilderness belongs to biologist Jesse Hall, his ex-girlfriend. Jesse was studying the only known wolf pack in the area, and that pack was shot and killed the day she disappeared.

Praise for Kirk’s writing

Solid writing, a twisted, keep-’em-guessing plot, and a likable rogue hero drive this entertaining thriller.
The tension rises as the unpredictable plot skitters and jitters along, powered by smoothly understated prose.
Publishers Weekly (starred review)
…chillingly descriptive and packed with suspense, secrets, violence and nonstop action.
Russell has a real feel for and love of the California wilderness. It is everywhere in the intensity of his writing.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This is a series, and an author, to hitch on to.
—Author C.J. Box